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Last modified: 07/24/2017 

2017/2018  Membership Application/Brochure

Are you fully insured against the high cost of an ambulance transport and Emergency Medical Service?  Our Ambulance Subscription Plan is your security blanket for the uninsured portion of unexpected bill for emergency ambulance service.

   We have insurance- Why subscribe ?
Serving the Patton Area with some of the Pennsylvania's best equipped Advance Life Support Ambulances is very costly.  Most insurance companies do not fully cover the costs incurred in an emergency ambulance trip.  The fact is, you are probably only partially insured for the actual cost of ambulance and emergency medical services.  The ambulance membership covers all of those costs which your insurance company may not pay.  The ambulance does all of the processing of your insurance claims and forms.  Members also are provided limited non-emergency transports at special member rates.

             Will a membership cover my family, friends, or visitors at my home?
Yes.  If you purchase a household membership then you, all of the members of your household, and any guests at your home are all covered by our service.

Won't my insurance cover all of the costs of ambulance service?
In most cases your insurance will not fully cover your ambulance service bill.  Most insurance companies have deductible amounts such as co-insurance which limit the amount they will pay.  Even Medicare is not total coverage for ambulance services, Medicare has "approved amounts" and a patient required "co-insurance" amount which you may or may not have other insurance to cover.

If I were involved in an auto accident, how could I be sure that Patton Area Ambulance would help me?
Our ambulances are dispatched by the 911 communication center when they receive a call for emergency ambulance services, including those involving motor vehicles.  We also have written mutual aid agreements with all of the other local ambulance services for those occasions where additional help or units are needed.

How are membership fees used?
Your support provides us with the means to maintain the best possible quality of service through updating and maintaining equipment, training EMTs and Paramedics.  Without third party insurance payments, memberships, and donations, we could not offer such low membership rates.  The membership fees enable us to provide you the high quality emergency services that you deserve to receive.

How do we sign up ?
All residents in the ambulance's primary coverage area were mailed applications during the first week of June.  If you misplaced your application, didn't receive one, or need another one - no problem.

Click HERE to download a membership application- all you need is the Adobe Acrobat reader.


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